About Peter Adams Young

Peter Adams Young is a native of Washington, DC. After graduating from the United States Naval Academy, he earned his wings as a Naval Flight Officer and trained as a bombardier/navigator in the US Navy A-6A Intruder all-weather attack aircraft. In the course of three Yankee Station combat deployments, he flew nearly one hundred combat missions over Laos and North Vietnam. He wrote the first chapter of ONE HUNDRED STINGERS in 1973.

Pete left the Navy in 1977 and began a career in the design and development of military command and control systems while working on his novel sporadically. Retirement in 2016 provided the opportunity to focus on completing STINGERS.

He and his wife Darlene have been married for forty-five years. They have two children and three grandchildren. After living in San Diego, California, and Portland, Oregon, they retired to Southwestern Washington state.

Pete remains active in various veterans’ groups. He is currently writing the first of a series of contemporary murder mysteries set in and around Civil War battlefields.

Life magazine image of National Cathedral in Washington, DC's boys choir group.
Photo is from a Life Magazine series on the world's religions.
National Cathedral's boys choir, in Washington, DC, 1956
(Click here to see larger image.)

When Peter was in fourth grade his Mom got him into a Junior Boys' Choir at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC. (His home was about six blocks from there.) At the end of that year he was accepted into the Cathedral's Choir of Men & Boys. Part of the deal was (and remains) a scholarship for a private school on the Cathedral grounds, so his life changed at age 9...(By the way, the Cathedral is administered by the Episcopal Church of America.).

The photo of the choir was taken in 1956 as part of a LIFE Magazine series on the World's religions. Peter is on the right in the second pair of choirboys behind the crucifer and torch bearers in the foreground—they were lined up for processions by height. Eventually he grew to being one of the acolytes and was able to keep his scholarship through graduation.

An audio clip of the Junior Boys' Choir singing a song:

Peter Adams Young first book signing
Peter Adams Young first book signing (his neighbor's backyard)

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